Introduction of International EPC, PPP, BOT, BOO and tender projects

With its wide social connections and global business network, we introduce international water, energy, and infrastructure projects in EPC, PPP, BOT, BOO and tender model to Chinese enterprises with solid financial capability and international experience. We also participate in due diligence studies, contract negotiations, establishing consortium for the projects and co-ordination during the project execution.  


We offer international business consultation, economic intelligence and public relations services to multifaceted businesses and industries.


We have introduced international projects in Canada, Poland, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Romania, Iran, Ghana, Nigeria etc. to Chinese State Owned (SOE) and Public Corporations. We have significant capacities for further international expansion.


We have considerable experience in working with Chinese corporations in international projects, including introduction, advisory, coordination and negotiation among stakeholders of projects.

procedure international projects

  • Receiving project information from countries in America, Europe, Africa, and Middle East through business partners and associates
  • Types of projects: EPC(+F) , BOT, BOO, PPP, DBFOM, Tender
  • Analyze, due-diligence study, and pre-select projects
  • Introduce a pre-selected project to one or more Chinese SOEs, discuss initially with their HQs, and decide which company is the best to suit for the project
  • Sign NCNDA with selected SOE
  • The selected SOE will participate in tendering or issue LOI to the owner of the project
  • SOE’s provide comprehensive and competitive financing of projects, also very large projects at very favourable conditions
  • Depending on country and project, financing packages of SOE’s are backed by government authorities from China, large banking corporations from China or various other options which will be negotiated during the project evaluation processes
  • While participating in project bidding/negotiation, we are formalizing cooperation with the SOE by finalizing the Consulting Agreement, depending on the project value, terms and conditions of project contract
  • SOE‘s appoint us as its exclusive consultant in respect of the project and the exclusivity includes its partners/associates who introduce the project to us - all involved parties are properly protected
  • We share the agreed fees with our partners/associates according to predefined terms
  • Local project partners are supporting to recommend subcontractors or members of the project consortium for assisting in SOE’s execution of the project according to local laws and regulations
  • We are assisting in execution of the project
  • We are coordinating among SOE, project owner,  consortium members and other third parties
  • We are assisting in any extension or variation of the project contract
  • We are collecting fees from the SOE and pay partners/associates at timely manner according to predefined terms and conditions
  • We are working closely with partners/associates to solve problems during project execution
  • Our target is to develop long term and successful cooperations with our partners