COMPENTIS offers a large number of solutions to provide drinking water or pure water for production purposes. Regardless if bacterial contaminations, arsenic contents or converting sea- or brackish water into drinking water - the result will be drinking water according to WHO (World Health Organisation) standards reaching highest recovery rates at lowest operational costs. Custom designed systems will meet specific requirements for water quality for production purposes in various industries. 

drinking water - Desalination of Sea and Brackish Water

  • very high durability
  • very low energy consumption
  • computer alarming, processing and analyzing wireless system
  • maximum variability from 100 l per hour to 100.000 m3 per day or more 
  • modular architecture provides maximum operational and supply safety
  • technology advanced combinations of UF and RO systems

drinking water treatment by means of ultrafiltration

  • the technology of ultrafiltration can be described as a pressurized filtration through a very thin membrane, which has a pore diameter of 0,01 µm. This really small pores guarantee a cut-off up to molecules.
  • this technology is able to eleminate every kind of solids, bacteria, viruses, fibres of asbestos....
  • due to this selection between unwanted bacteria and the essential salts for human life, the ultrafiltration is a very efficient technology for the treatment of ground water influenced by surface water 

mobile container systems

  • modular container architecture from very small systems of 100l/h up to 100m3/h
  • no infrastructure like buildings are needed
  • very easy volume extension without additional infrastructure costs
  • very low energy consumption
  • long life time of membranes
  • very low maintenance and follow up costs